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Our journey in technological innovation

From a bold idea to a reality that transforms industries.


Our History

In The Flock, we start our journey with a clear vision: to facilitate the connection between exceptional technological talent and the world's leading companies. Born in the era of digital transformation, we identify the need for agility, flexibility, and precision in technological development. Since then, we have evolved from challenges, creating an ecosystem where innovation and collaboration meet.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of technology to change the world. But behind every code, every strategy, and every solution, there are people with brilliant ideas and the courage to challenge the conventional. That is why, at The Flock, we put people first, building bridges between technical expertise and business vision. We strive to be more than a provider; we are strategic partners in each client's journey.

Our Mission

Empower both companies and talents to reach their full potential, driving innovation through collaboration.

Our Visión

To be the global catalyst where exceptional technological talent and visionary companies converge to shape the future.

Our team

The team at The Flock is the heart of our organization. From our developers and designers to our leadership team, each member brings their own spark of genius to the collaborative environment we cultivate.

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+3500 validated talents in our community with experience executing projects for companies like

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Our Values

In every step we take, we are guided by fundamental values

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Constant Innovation

We challenge ourselves and our collaborators to think beyond the established.

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Commitment to Quality

We are obsessed with excellence and do not settle for less.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate and harness diversity as a driving force for creativity and innovation.

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Integrity and Transparency

We act with honesty and open our decisions and processes to clients and collaborators.

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Mutual Growth

We are committed to the professional development of our talents and the success of our clients.

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